[Spoilers Galore] Need help finding "things"

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I have the divining rod and found:

  • grassy thing
  • ring thing
  • potato thing


I assembled them on that little island with the clockwork boats where you can put them together, but it says I'm still missing some parts?


I revealed the whole map, read every message in a bottle and dug up all of the chests, combed over every island on the map twice now, opened every single chest floating in the sea, dug up every sand pile I saw just in case it was buried... and I came up with nothing. 


It's just weird because they took the time to scatter three of these things and set up the island where you can put them together, making it seem like you're progressing somewhere with this, so I thought that meant there was an adventure mode ready to go. I'm really enjoying the new content thus far and I know it's early access and it's not fully released yet, but the fact that the things are in the game at all got my hopes up. 


I feel like I'm missing something painfully obvious or is this element really just not finished yet? Did the last part(s) glitch out? I'm starting to think it won't be implemented until the new pirate character is added into the game and this going to be another, go rescue the new guy adventure.


If it really just isn't done yet, I'd rather read a sign on the island where you can assemble them that says, "coming soon!" rather than have spent so much time looking for more parts that may or may not exist. :/

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