First Impressions/ Early Glitches

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So far I have played DST:SW with Wendy and Abigail, they were pretty much my main in the original games, so I went with what I was comfortable with. I also turned of all mods and didn't edit the world at all.


My first impression of the new biomes were pretty great. I love the new additives to the crafting system and all of the new and unique wild life. I didn't worry to much about the health of my character and took it as a "learn the ropes" kind of experience. I unfortunately died on day 15 by meteor shower and being in a spider infested area, both ended up killing me. I did manage to find a volcano spear surrounded by 5 or 6 obsidian stones and found a "screw thing". Those were the most unique items I had found.


I had two bugs over all, one was an FPS issue that caused the game to run on fine, then go down to about 20 frames per second, and then gradually get worse until it was unplayable. 

The other bug has to do with the torch while you are sitting on the boat(s). I will have the torch equipped and have stopped on my boat in the middle of the sea somewhere (of course safe from waves and jellyfish) and be ready to wait out the night and everything will be going pretty well, but if I hit my WASD or my spacebar on accident, my light will disappear and not reappear even after stopping the boat. In order to not be eaten by darkness, I would have to unequip and reequip my torch as fast as I can. Then it the light appears no problem and I am saved from the sanity draining blackness. 


I am sure I will run into bugs later on into the game, but so far so great! Would play more if my damn job wouldn't get in the way!

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