[Gameplay] - Deerclops died ridiculously fast


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Bug Submission: <br /><br />Category: Gameplay<br />Issue Title: Deerclops died ridiculously fast<br />Issue Description: Dedicated server, custom world with some settings set to more, second winter, second deerclops.<br /><br />He spawned in the night next to us, so after he killed Abigail with a few hits, my friend was running around luring him out of base until the sun came up. Then I began to kite him with a fresh hambat with Wendy and he died after a maximum of 25 hits.<br /><br />Did this suppose to happen like this? Or was it a bug? As I checked for the 4k HP of deerclops you need 90 hits with a fresh hambat by the hands of Wendy.<br />Steps to Reproduce: I have no idea what happened but I was so happy cause I didn't even start to get cold or either my sanity didn't reach its half.<br />
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