Bug: infinitely zooming camera

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The zoom-out cap for Shipwrecked is a bit more aggressive the one for Don't Starve - perhaps a bit /too/ aggressive.

If you zoom out too far too fast, the resulting corrective zoom-in doesn't actually /stop/ zooming in. It will continue to zoom in right past your character's face, past their sprite, under the ground in front of them, plunging the camera ever forward and downward, into an infinite black and cloudy abyss.

While I appreciate this insight into the nature of the Don't Starve underworld, it's a bit distracting and I'm assuming it's not intended behavior.

(Also, you have to manually zoom back out to fix the bug, and depending on how long you let it zoom into the abyss for, you might waste quite a bit of time zooming back out.)

It's a bit tricky to reproduce - it involves grappling with the zoomout cap until you finally beat it, however temporarily.

In vanilla, the zoomout cap was more of a set of guidelines, and by persistently scrolling the mouse wheel, you were able to go up into the clouds and, by squinting through them, see more of the available world than you were intended to. This is much harder to do in Shipwrecked, but not impossible - with enough scrolling, you can still beat the cap, and zoom back past it a tad, though it's beyond my mortal scrolling fingers to go as far back as you could in vanilla, which was QUITE a ways if you were persistent enough.

Beating that cap and then letting the camera work on its own is what causes the permascroll in Shipwrecked.

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