Wolfgang ang Pig man to exchange against other figures


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Hi everyone,

Last winter I got a bunch of boxes for Christmas but this year I'm pretty sure I won't get any so here's my chance to exchange the doubles I have :


What I want to trade :

- Wolfgang : hammer + pitchofork mini_496205IMG1457.jpg

- Pigman : hambat + any tool i have (check the list bellow and take one item you want) mini_751625IMG1458.jpg


What I already have :



- Wendy

- Willow

- Pigman

- Wes

- Wolfgang

- Chester



- Pitchfork

- umbrella

- hammer

- hambat

- luxury axe

- bat bat

- lantern

- walking cane

- torch

- dark sword

- boomerang

- eyebone

- fire staff


What I want :

- Wilson : 2 objects I don't have but any of them

- Woodie : 2 objects I don't have but any of them



- WX-78 : 2 objects I don't have but any of them


I'm not that intrested in the rest of the characters so try only those. I would also be intrested in Abigail glowing in the dark version but as it's new I guess it's not gonna happen.

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Hello IHugEveryCat.


As I wrote I would be glad to trade the pig man or with a Wilson or with WX-78 but I'll be glad to have 2 items I don't already have. Would it be possible to have one of the two with the spear and the shovel?


What tool or item would you want with the pigman in addition to the hambat?


As for Chester well I'm really sorry but I was that happy when I found it in the box that I jumped on my feet and dance... No it's probably the only one I'll never sell/trade/lose or what so ever. Sorry.


In which country do you live?

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i have a chester or wilson available, with some accessories too. pick axe, spear, tentacle spike, and another fire staff.

What would you want in exchange?

I'm interested in Wilson with tentacle spike and an accessorie I don't have yet.

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i would love wolfgang if you still have him, and whatever accessories you have available. i personally dont have the hammer and pitchfork. I could also just do one accessory, if we want to trade one.


Well for the moment I still have it and hammer and pitchfork where the tools with him twice so I don't mind trade him with those tools.


I would love to have Wilson but which tool can you give with it?

Do you have picture of your figurine?

In which country do you live?

I'm from Belgium.

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Hello! I am interested in your pigman! I have a Wilson (dark sword and spear) and Wx-78 (dark sword and shovel) I am also wondering if you would trade a Chester as well? Thanks! :3

I'm pretty interested in WX-78. But I already have the dark sword. Would you exchange it with the pigman (hambat and an other tool of your liking in my own list)?


Chester is my all time favorite so I won't trade it but I just saw that Muufokfok had one so check with him for it.

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