Disconnect on Leaving Caves for Host

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Apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere, I searched for quite a while and came up with nothing.


I host a dedicated 2 person (preconfigured with default settings other than name, description, and player cap) server on my PC, the other person joining from another household. I can join, leave, and enter caves all just fine, however traveling from caves to the overworld, atleast via the stairwell, 100% consistently disconnects me from the server, bringing up a "Server not responding" "Direct Connection Timed Out" error. I can then rejoin the server, but will still be in caves.


This does not occur with my friend, they are free to enter and leave normally on my server, and it happens to me whether we are running any mods or not. I have attempted restarting the game, servers, Steam, and my PC entirely. I have not, however, had a chance to test another world or cave exit to see if it persists through that.


Attached is a screenshot of the server as I join, attempt to travel to the overworld, and disconnect from timing out. Any help is very much appreciated, and I can try to provide more info if needed, thank you!


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