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[General] - [Contingency Plan] UI Vanishes (compile room related?)

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JayEleDee    1

Bug Submission:

Category: General

Platform: Linux

Issue Title: [Contingency Plan] UI Vanishes (compile room related?)

Issue Description: When I start my new turn, most of the UI has vanished. Can still pan around, can't move or interact or anything like that.

Can save an exit though, reloading gets a oops message with the error "game/sim/engine.lua:755: attempt to index local 'target' (a nil value)"

I'm guessing it's compile room related - I had an announcement that the room was locked down (my Agent was in there waiting, having started the compile with a pickpocketed key), hit rewind to try opening the door / startling the scientist. The scientist is now startled but hasn't run away.

Steps to Reproduce: Unsure, but I'd guess it's compile room lockdown + rewind related.

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