Creating multiple servers on the same machine

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Hi there, 


I tried to create multiple servers on the same machine but I'm still lost as to how to create multiple servers. I started by following the guide they have on the wiki but I feel as though I am doing something wrong. I started by copying the command -conf_dir <new directory name> and placing that in the steam don't starve together launchers options to create a directory with its own save folder, settings file etc.. then pasted it into a directory image of what my dst server folder looks like. the new server is the one highlighted while the other one seems to be working fine 'DoNotStarveTogether'. The MyDedi setup is meant to be the new server im trying to setup and in the settings.ini file I put the server token in there instead of outside the folder if anyone was wondering about that. If you need more information please let me know. I am still having trouble with, how to do this so if anyone has a solution to my situation please do share. 




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