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Hi Guys,


I'm not familiar with lua and what is needed to do an override.  I downloaded the extra storage mod and wanted to increase the size of the backpack can hold to that of the Krampus sack.


I'm not even sure where to start so if anyone can help it would be really appreciated.


Here is a link to the mod i'm using:


Thanks guys!



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ok I So that means I can't override the mod value which makes sense.


I couldn't add something like this to the modoverrides?:

configuration_options =        {name = "INCREASEBACKPACKSIZES_BACKPACK",label = "Bagpack-size",options = {{description = "8(default)", data = false},{description = "14", data = true},                                        },                default = false,    },



Thanks for the help btw :-)


EDIT: I may have answered my own question.  I tried to edit the modinfo.lua manually on a non dedicated server host and it still only shows 10 so must be hard coded somewhere.


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