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(Somewhat ambitious) question about character modding

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Is it possible to create characters that are not human shaped?


I was reading through the tutorial for custom character creation, and it relies on a base template for the character. It tells how to make custom sprites, but the animations and hitboxes are still reliant on that same base. In reference to possibly changing the dimensions or parts of a character, the guide said quite simply: "Don't."


Well, I'd like to. I fully understand that it would (at the very least) require a huge amount of effort to accomplish, but I just want to know if it's possible at all!


Any tips or guides would also be immensely appreciated. I am familiar enough with programming that I don't require complete hand-holding through the process, but I have never tried to mod Don't Starve before, so help with the engine and mod tools would also be appreciated. From what I've read so far, it seems that creating a totally custom character would involve editing something called an .scml file, but that's about all the info I have so far.


Hopefully someone has some insight (or can at least just shut me down before I waste too much time)!




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