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Elevator Bug (level 3 escape)

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yeah-yeah    0

So I'm currently running through Mark of the Ninja on a very... not pacifist playthrough. No guards left alive but no detections. I got to the escape part just after you kill the courier and I appear to have encountered a game-breaking glitch. As Soon as the guards started chasing me after killing the courier I naturally figured the best course of action would be to run, so I did and ended up killing the next guard and calling the elevator down. However, I felt that it would be wrong in the spirit of my goals to leave the guards who chased me alive, so I went back to the couriers corpse and several tries later and a plan involving a smoke bomb and quite a bit of jumping in and out of the room I killed them all without any detections. However, when I went back to the elevator it was back in the top of the shaft and the button to call it down wasn't working. It saved my checkpoint when I went back to kill the other guards so I can't just restart from the last checkpoint and redo it. It seems that the elevator simply gets stuck if you activate the elevator, then go to the checkpoint above the courier room and then end up restarting there, and the only way to fix it is to completely restart the level. So, yeah, that's a bummer for me.

This happened to me, too! Did you get a response from Klei? Guess I better restart the level...

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