PS3 Controller issues: unable to assassinate


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Hey guys,I've got some issues with Mark of the Ninja. I'm trying to play using a PS3 controller with DS3tool, which appears to be working fine. Yet every time I attempt to assassinate an enemy it fails and does the kill noisily. This is happening on 2 different computers for me as well.I can't seem to find anyone else who is having this issue. Also the game works quite well with keyboard and mouse but I feel like trying a controller for new game+

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I have noticed that on occasion DS3tool forgets whether the controller was assigned to emulate XInput or not. I have not experienced your troubles myself, but it may be worth opening DS3tool before you launch the game and enable the controller for 360 emulation just in case.

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Just started playing MotN today and I am using my ps3 controller with the ds3tool. It seems that you have to press "x" (square) to initiate the kill, then push the left stick in the direction indicated WHILE pressing "x" (square). Hopefully that helps.

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