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Never give up! [spoilers]

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I finally completed Expert+ mode!  But not before nearly throwing in the towel on the last mission.


Playing with Internationale, Monst3r and Central, all was fine, Monst3r had the codes and was headed to the server room, but then I made a dumb move and exposed Monst3r with nowhere to hide, and he got shot.


I had no medgels, and so for some reason I decided to drag Monst3r into the server room.  I dropped him right beside the terminal, but apparently he can't use the codes while unconscious :p


But then I remembered there was still an unhacked nanofab (with 6 firewalls and a daemon), so I made my way back with Internationale and managed to procure a medgel.


Unfortunately by this time the room was crawling with guards, and Internationale got surrounded with BOTH her cloaks on cooldown, and shot.


But Central was still waiting in the server room!  And finally some luck started going my way, and the horde of guards started dispersing into other areas of the level.  Central managed to sneak back to Internationale, swipe her medgel, and sprint back to the server room to revive Monst3r and finish the game (not sure if there was really ANY point to my earlier dragging him there, but it least it was convenient at this point).


Oh, another exciting point earlier on in the mission:  Central was surrounded by 3 guards and at first I thought she was a goner, but I managed to sprint up with Internationale, activate one of her cloaks, and it took out all 3 (armoured) guards at once with her Holocircuit Overloaders.  Beautiful!

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Oh, today something similar happened to me too, even if i was on experienced.


I started with archived Internationale and archived Prism, however in the end i got Decker and Xu too.


I accidentally exposed Monst3r to an omni protector without any escape route, so he got shot, then i tried to send Internationale to him with the medgel however she got shot as well.


I was beginning to think i should have given up...until the stupid omni protector went to investigate far far away from where i was before, as well as the elite enforcers with him.


Central arrived just in time to take the medgel and heal Monst3r, allowing him to get to the security hub, he hacked into it and then headed to the mainframe room, while i used pings to distract the guards.


Then i thought that all the hope was lost another time when the guards started to head towards the server room...and Monst3r was still in the hallway behind a cover, central instead was trapped into the room with an elite enforcer!!! However Monst3r got in and managed to close the door before everyone could start shooting (they were at least 7 guards), stunned the elite enforcer with his gun, and then opened the mainframe entrance.



I completely agree, never give up, at least not in the last mission!

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