[Gameplay] - Pig torches and generating a world arent working


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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay
Issue Title: Pig torches and generating a world arent working
Issue Description: Since the patch (July23 patch), my game does not generate a World with pig torches (with grasses in the middle).

I usually look for a world for my characters in grassland with pig torches. It can be long to finally find a world but I usually find one.

Now since the patch ive been spending 4hours (and still trying) to generate a world with pig torches and no luck. Ive disabled my mods in case but I still cant generate a world with pig torches.

I did it many times before and it never took me that long to find a world with pig torches.

Am I just really unlucky or is this a bug?






Steps to Reproduce: The easiest way to look for it:

1' Reveal map


2' If there isnt any grass square on the map in savanna,reload another world:


3' If You find one go take a look (because it can be a pig house sometimes)





Ive seen both before the patch in DST, Big camp:  dst-pigbattle.jpg




Smaller camp:


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