[Client Crash] - Game stops responding when Hosting Server


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Bug Submission:

Category: Client Crash

Issue Title: Game stops responding when Hosting Server

Issue Description: Since the update around 6:00 central time on July 23rd 2015, I've been having some general issues with the game. I cannot access my mods through the new mods menu, as the game stops responding when I click the "server mods" tab. I have installed mods prior to the update, and none showed up in "client mods".

The other issue that came about only after this update was that whenever I attempted to host a server, the screen would go black and stop responding. It was not unusual earlier in the day, prior to the update, for the game to take about a minute to launch. However, this is taking about 10 minutes with no response from the game.

I own Don't Starve Together Beta through steam. I've attempted verifying the game cache, and I don't believe anything changes.

My friend can host games and meddle with mods with no issues.

If you have some insight on how to resolve this, please let me know.

Steps to Reproduce: Instance 1:

- Launch game

- Navigate to Mods menu

- Click "Server Mods" (Client mods selected by default)

- Screen doesn't change, client stops responding.

Instance 2:

- Launch game

- click "Host Game"

- Screen goes black, and client stops responding.

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