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Making a mob invisible (no, I'm not complaining about a bug)

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So, I want a way to make a mob invisible.


The principle is a mixture of Abigail and Crawling Horror: The mob should not interact to mouse scrolls (and of course not be visible) to players, mobs, etc. Yet, I want it to recover it's opacity and attack players (or anything else) once anything hits the player the Crawling Abigail Horror is linked to (or if the player decides to hit something).


I have somewhat of a structure ready, but I can't find something to make the Crawling Abigail Horror thingy "non-opaque" or "non-interactive". (Neither have I found what makes the crawling horror non-interactive until certain level of sanity). Does anyone know what I should look for?



Keep in mind that I don't want something transparent like the crawler, but something really invisible until the main player is hit.

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to make your mob disappear and be unclickable and still be there.


to make it be there and be clickable.


If your mob has a dynamic shadow you use:


to turn it off and on.

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