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Help with sanity perk

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Hi there, I've created my own character mod with a custom hat. Everything seems to be working, however I can't seem to get my head around adding perks to her.


The perk I am hoping to add is she loves the darkness, so she has a small increase in sanity during the night. I know Wendy has a similar perk, but I don't know how to include hers into my own and tweak it. I usually get an error.


Some guidance would be wonderful, I'll include my characters prefab!



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I think it's just this line.

inst.components.sanity.night_drain_mult = TUNING.WENDY_SANITY_MULT

WENDY_SANITY_MULT is 0.75 so the total value is reduced when multiplied.


Portion of sanity.lua for reference:

	if day then 		light_delta = TUNING.SANITY_DAY_GAIN	else			local highval = TUNING.SANITY_HIGH_LIGHT		local lowval = TUNING.SANITY_LOW_LIGHT		if lightval > highval then			light_delta =  TUNING.SANITY_NIGHT_LIGHT		elseif lightval < lowval then			light_delta = TUNING.SANITY_NIGHT_DARK		else			light_delta = TUNING.SANITY_NIGHT_MID		end		light_delta = light_delta*self.night_drain_mult	end 

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