[Exploit] - Orange Amulet Bird Cage Glitch


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Bug Submission:

Category: Exploit

Issue Title: Orange Amulet Bird Cage Glitch

Issue Description: This glitch can duplicate a bird and successfully make more birds but can also crash the game if done wrong

Steps to Reproduce: Items needed: Orange amulet and a bird

First, you put on the amulet then you put the bird on the ground then in the cage. This should give you 2 birds one in the cage and on in your inv.

If you remove the bird from the cage and then try to pick it up in your inv the duped bird will move to where the caged one was and the caged one will be held by your curser at this point if you try to put it on the floor but the amulet will pick it up, at this point you can put the bird back in the cage but you'll still hold a bird and have one in your inv.

Now if you swap the held bird with anything in the inv, that slot will have a bird put in it, though if you swap with the inv bird you will spawn more birds but when you inv is full it will replace the bird you clicked. You can also give the bird to others and make infinet birds as long as they have slots and they most likely can kill them and be fine.

Then theres the crash part, if you murder the bird any time after being able to dup more birds, the bird will get stuck being held and you cant give the bird to anything. If you right click it may crash instantly without a crash screen or spawn a tumbleweed and will get rid of the bird being held but if you try picking up a bird you duped the game will crash with a crash screen.

below is from log.txt and the part of it that wasn't referencing modded stuff

scripts/components/inventory_replica.lua:318 in (method) TakeActiveItemFromAllOfSlot (Lua) <316-322>

self =

classified = 141302 - inventory_classified (valid:true)

inst = 141300 - suika (valid:true)

slot = 10

scripts/widgets/invslot.lua:76 in (method) Click (Lua) <42-108>

self =

shown = true

top_align_tip = 42

inst = 142697 - (valid:true)

focus = true

children = table: 0xcf6ac700

container = table: 0xc5d16290

enabled = true

focus_target = false


[string "scripts/components/inventoryitem.lua"]:10: attempt to index field 'inventoryitem' (a nil value)

LUA ERROR stack traceback:

scripts/components/inventoryitem.lua:10 in (field) ? (Lua) <9-11>

scripts/class.lua:30 in () ? (Lua) <23-32>

scripts/components/inventoryitem.lua:103 in (method) ClearOwner (Lua) <102-104>

scripts/components/inventoryitem.lua:170 in (method) OnRemoved (Lua) <166-173>

scripts/components/inventory.lua:843 in (method) RemoveItem (Lua) <825-871>

scripts/components/inventory.lua:396 in (method) RemoveItemBySlot (Lua) <393-399>

scripts/components/inventory.lua:1256 in (method) TakeActiveItemFromAllOfSlot (Lua) <1251-1259>

scripts/components/inventory_replica.lua:318 in (method) TakeActiveItemFromAllOfSlot (Lua) <316-322>

scripts/widgets/invslot.lua:76 in (method) Click (Lua) <42-108>

scripts/widgets/invslot.lua:22 in (method) OnControl (Lua) <10-40>

scripts/widgets/widget.lua:115 in (method) OnControl (Lua) <109-119>

scripts/widgets/widget.lua:115 in (method) OnControl (Lua) <109-119>

SCRIPT ERROR! Showing error screen

focus lost

focus gained

Force aborting...

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