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tuning.lua does not work

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Show the entire code you're  working with. You can try this( i don't know what you're trying to create,i'm just guessing) :

-- I hope you're not editing the game files haha,it's not recommended --


 inst:AddComponent("fueled")        inst.components.fueled.fueltype = "USAGE"        inst.components.fueled:InitializeFuelLevel(TUNING.WALRUSHAT_PERISHTIME /25)        inst.components.fueled:SetDepletedFn(spider_perish)


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thanks for your answers

I want edit Tam o' shanter stats (so op) for ROG


find WALRUSHAT_PERISHTIME = total_day_time*25 in Don't starve/data/scripts/tunning.lua and change it to *1 trying to tam o' shanter last 1 day


then look into Don't starve/data/DLC0001/scripts/tunning.lua as tyranxp said and change it to *1 too but still nothing happen in game


I need burn my computer?

:( help me :(



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