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Game crashing when custom item is picked up

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Hi all,

I'm having a bit of trouble with my Don't Starve Together mod. I'm creating a custom item, but whenever I try to pick it up, the game crashes with the following error:


LUA ERROR stack traceback:
        scripts/widgets/image.lua(30,1) in function 'SetTexture'
        scripts/widgets/image.lua(11,1) in function '_ctor'
        scripts/class.lua(181,1) in function 'Image'
        scripts/widgets/itemtile.lua(45,1) in function '_ctor'
        scripts/class.lua(181,1) in function 'ItemTile'
        scripts/widgets/inventorybar.lua(979,1) in function 'OnItemGet'
        scripts/widgets/inventorybar.lua(79,1) in function 'fn'
        scripts/entityscript.lua(938,1) in function 'PushEvent'
        scripts/components/inventory.lua(680,1) in function 'GiveItem'
        scripts/actions.lua(221,1) in function 'fn'
        scripts/bufferedaction.lua(23,1) in function 'Do'
        scripts/entityscript.lua(1196,1) in function 'PerformBufferedAction'
        scripts/stategraphs/SGwilson.lua(2116,1) in function 'fn'
        scripts/stategraph.lua(562,1) in function 'UpdateState'
        scripts/stategraph.lua(601,1) in function 'Update'
        scripts/stategraph.lua(123,1) in function 'Update'
The prefab script for my custom item contains the following code:
local assets ={    Asset("ANIM", "anim/beans.zip"),		Asset("ATLAS", "images/inventoryimages/beans.xml"),    Asset("IMAGE", "images/inventoryimages/beans.tex"),}local function fn()    local inst = CreateEntity()    inst.entity:AddTransform()    inst.entity:AddAnimState()    inst.entity:AddNetwork()    MakeInventoryPhysics(inst)    inst.AnimState:SetBank("beans")    inst.AnimState:SetBuild("beans")    inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle")    inst.entity:SetPristine()    if not TheWorld.ismastersim then        return inst    end    inst:AddComponent("stackable")    inst.components.stackable.maxsize = TUNING.STACK_SIZE_SMALLITEM    inst:AddComponent("inventoryitem")	inst.components.inventoryitem.imagename = "Magic Beans"    inst.components.inventoryitem.atlasname = "images/inventoryimages/beans.xml"		inst:AddComponent("edible")	inst.components.edible.degrades_with_spoilage = false	inst.components.edible.hungervalue = 10	inst.components.edible.healthvalue = 1000	inst.components.edible.sanityvalue = 1000    MakeHauntableLaunch(inst)    return instendreturn Prefab("common/inventory/beans", fn, assets)

My modmain.lua file contains the following code:

PrefabFiles = {	"wbr",	"beans",}Assets = {    Asset( "IMAGE", "images/saveslot_portraits/wbr.tex" ),    Asset( "ATLAS", "images/saveslot_portraits/wbr.xml" ),    Asset( "IMAGE", "images/selectscreen_portraits/wbr.tex" ),    Asset( "ATLAS", "images/selectscreen_portraits/wbr.xml" ),	    Asset( "IMAGE", "images/selectscreen_portraits/wbr_silho.tex" ),    Asset( "ATLAS", "images/selectscreen_portraits/wbr_silho.xml" ),    Asset( "IMAGE", "bigportraits/wbr.tex" ),    Asset( "ATLAS", "bigportraits/wbr.xml" ),		Asset( "IMAGE", "images/map_icons/wbr.tex" ),	Asset( "ATLAS", "images/map_icons/wbr.xml" ),		Asset( "IMAGE", "images/avatars/avatar_wbr.tex" ),    Asset( "ATLAS", "images/avatars/avatar_wbr.xml" ),		Asset( "IMAGE", "images/avatars/avatar_ghost_wbr.tex" ),    Asset( "ATLAS", "images/avatars/avatar_ghost_wbr.xml" ),		Asset("ATLAS", "images/inventoryimages/beans.xml"),    Asset("IMAGE", "images/inventoryimages/beans.tex"),}local require = GLOBAL.requirelocal STRINGS = GLOBAL.STRINGS-- The character select screen linesSTRINGS.CHARACTER_TITLES.wbr = "The Paranoid Brother"STRINGS.CHARACTER_NAMES.wbr = "Wilbur"STRINGS.CHARACTER_DESCRIPTIONS.wbr = "*Stronger and has more health\n*Quick\n*Sanity drains quicker"STRINGS.CHARACTER_QUOTES.wbr = "\"Someone's watching me.\""-- Custom speech stringsSTRINGS.CHARACTERS.WBR = require "speech_wbr"-- The character's name as appears in-game STRINGS.NAMES.WBR = "Wilbur"-- The default responses of examining the characterSTRINGS.CHARACTERS.GENERIC.DESCRIBE.wbr = {	GENERIC = "It's Wilbur!",	ATTACKER = "Wilbur looks shifty...",	MURDERER = "Murderer!",	REVIVER = "Wilbur, friend of ghosts.",	GHOST = "Wilbur could use a heart.",}-- Custom strings for Magic BeansSTRINGS.NAMES.BEANS = "Magic Beans"STRINGS.CHARACTERS.GENERIC.DESCRIBE.BEANS = "Magic, healthy beans."AddMinimapAtlas("images/map_icons/wbr.xml")-- Add mod character to mod character list. Also specify a gender. Possible genders are MALE, FEMALE, ROBOT, NEUTRAL, and PLURAL.AddModCharacter("wbr", "MALE")

NOTE: My mod also contains a custom character, which works (and is on Steam Workshop).


From the error that's given, it's probably crashing due to some error with the inventory image, however I don't what specifically is causing the crash. Any help on this error would be greatly appreciated. I have included my log file as well as a .zip folder containing my mod.


Thanks in advance,




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