Deadman Wonderland - PvE, Custom Dedicated, Anti-Grief

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Hey guys, just picked this up and would like to love it, but i'm gonna be running a lot of mods to make it so.


I FINALLY got everything figured out so I can host AND play a dedicated, which seems to be working on my end, but I need some people to help test.


You can find it at, or in game browser.


Need to find some people who are willing to give the server a shot, and hopefully stick around for bug testing mods, rollbacks, saves, etc. I hopped in just to make sure everything was stable and so far we're lookin good.


You can either mess me here or steam at XxSTOZZYxX.



-- Server Settings --


No PvP

7k timeout


pause when empty



-- Current MODs --


-- More DST Characters
-- No Respawn Penalty
-- Easy Res Shelter
-- Simple Protection
-- Wormhole Marks
-- Devon!
-- Renewable World
-- Advanced Farming
-- Autocatch
-- GPS
-- Extra Equip Slots
-- Health Info
-- Sign Text
-- Mineable Gems
-- Breakable Ice
-- FireWall
-- Ownership
-- Ice Fling Range Check
-- Walter
-- Starting Item 2.0
-- Deluxe Campfires
-- Food Values
-- Restart
-- Fix Multiplayer
-- Personal Chesters
-- CDO Clothing
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Gonna reboot, respawn, and tweak tonight around 7:30 central. May try Friendship tonight.


MOD list after reboot;


-- More DST Characters-- Walter-- No Respawn Penalty-- Easy Res Shelter-- Simple Protection **OFF for testing**-- Wormhole Marks-- Devon!-- Renewable World-- Advanced Farming-- Autocatch-- GPS-- Extra Equip Slots-- Health Info-- Sign Text-- Mineable Gems-- Breakable Ice-- FireWall **OFF for testing**-- Ownership **OFF for testing**-- Ice Fling Range Check-- Starting Item 2.0-- Deluxe Campfires-- Food Values-- Restart-- Fix Multiplayer-- Personal Chesters-- CDO Clothing


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Don't think enough information is included in locating your server.  What's the actual name to lookout for?


Also, is there ever a version of it which is as clean as possible that is assisting mods are present, but the game is altered as little as possible.

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It's now "! Deadman Wonderland !", appears nearer top of the list, but searching Deadman will pull it up still. May have been down when you looked. Somethin happened while I was at work and the server spazzed out.


As far as a "clean version", this is it. Until otherwise stated I have no plans to host more than one as I'm running it locally and don't want to tie up the extra resources.


I've tried to keep everything fairly normal with a few helpful addons. I've boosted the global respawn rate (of EVERYTHING), made it easier to rez (cause without a population, no one's coming around to rez you), no timed clothing decay, health display, food stats, etc.


This is still new, so lots of tweaking is due before I'm happy with where it's at, but I gotta cram as many people in it as I can to load test, then start cracking down on MOD feedback.

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