[Modding Tip] How to add custom item to Security Dispatch and/or Nanofab

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Well, adding the item to store.lua makes that item show up in the regular nanofabs(including unlocked ones).

However, I can't find where to add in order to make that item show up in Security Dispatch mission only.

I've searched for these items, but couldn't find item codes for Security Dispatch item list.

(spoiler if you haven't got these items from Security Dispatch)

Wireless Scanner, Prototype Chip.

Also, there are some itemdef tags which seems to control item's appearance time...

So, in conclusion, do I have to make my item's soldAfter ~= NEVER_SOLD and just don't add it to nanofab list?

Ah, waste of time. Figured it out myself.

If you want to add some item into Security Dispatch, just make floorWeight = 3.

For nanofab, add that item's name to store.lua, and don't touch soldAfter/notSoldAfter.

(So if an item's floorWeight = 3 and it's on store.lua list, then you can buy it from nanofab and get from Security Dispatch.)


FYI: soldAfter means sold after. Simple. So if it's 24, then that item will be added to nanofab at Day 2.

Also, notSoldAfter means not sold after... no more explanation for this.

If soldAfter == NEVER_SOLD or notSoldAfter == NEVER_SOLD, it does.... nothing I guess. 

Because you can just remove specific item from store.lua, you can do "never sold in nanofab!" in there.(I guess it's just leftover of early versions, since only items that has NEVER_SOLD tag is Bank's and Shallem's.)


More Explanation: mission_security.lua:checkTopGearSafes(at line 34) will tell you.


p.s. Any moderator or Klei related person - Please delete this post if this information is off-limit. I want to help another (new) modders, but don't want to leak any privacy of this game.

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