Invisible, Inc. Soundtrack...Alternative.

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I think the game is brilliant, and super fun. My wife and I still do Table top RPG with close friends, so with systems, like James Bond RPG, Spy Craft, Shadowrun...Cyberpunk...the list is endless.


I did desire a variable soundtrack to this game after a few hours. So i dropped the music slider, then tuned all my asset scanning characters...Incognito if you will. Smile.

Secret Agent The soundtrack for your stylish, mysterious, dangerous life. For Spies and PIs too!



About the Music on Secret Agent:

An eclectic blend of cinematic downtempo, stylish lounge, sambas and easy-tempo sixties European pop music with an adventurous flair. Artists you'll hear include Piero Piccioni, De-Phazz, Seks Bomba, Shirley Bassey, Henry Mancini, William Orbit, Yoshinori Sunahara, Martin Denny and Walter Wanderly.


This is what i listen to now when late nights slip away from the PWR when I play this brilliant beta? Tactical Infultration simulator..


CANNOT wait to see the life cycle of this game...and what the insanely talented modding community will do then they really get going....!!! ZoinKs!


Hope you enjoy Secret Agent or any of their other amazing stations at Soma FM.


Shin Zimon

(closes door behind himself, before he teleports out)...Zaaaak.


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