High ping on both Lan and online


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My wife laptop keeps getting high ping whenever she joins my server. Either lan or when I create an online server. Her pings are in the 200's. I tried port forwarding and even putting her on DMZ but still no luck.


My pc thats hosting has high specs and is on a 10mb network.


I thought it was her FPS but I checked it and she has constant 60FPS. I honestly have no idea how to fix this and if anyone has any ideas to what I can do that would really be helpful.

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I think I fixed it.


When I did the port forwarding I didn't realize that my network was on dynamic ip address. After I set up to be static ip address and forwarding the 10999 UDP port and putting my that's hosting on DMZ I ran it for a good couple of minutes with no lag.


I will report back once we play again for longer sessions to observe if we get anymore lag.

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