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Help needed with coding

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I'm working on a character mod and I've already made all the art but I'm not very good at coding. I've searched but I didn't find a way to do what I wanted so it would be very appreciated if you could help me.

I would like my character to gain sanity when in battle, or when nearby monsters/hostile creatures, and to otherwise lose more sanity than normal characters.

For the sanity I found this but I'm not really sure if it's okay :

inst.components.sanity.rate_modifier = 1.3

But for the other I searched but I didn't find anything.

I'm also working on a custom weapon, and if it's not to much to ask, i'd like to know if it is possible for it to make random damages each time you use it, or to change the damages randomly each time you craft it. I'd prefer the first, but any would be very welcomed as I don't really know what would be possible to do.

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