When things get hard...

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So if the game is going to be a prick to you and there is nothing else you can do then you better be a prick to the game too! I was playing on a custom difficulty: no melee when seen, 120 hour campaign, 2 minutes time attack mode and everything else where default "normal" options (I don't remember how this difficulty is called)


So I'll let the images do the talking


Here you can see were I was hiding I could even take 2 hostages! It seemed to be a blind spot to many guards. The guards just keep trying to look at the exit door even though I was never able to actually open it and besides Decker nobody got close by that door.




here you see the overall map from incognita's view (which should have died by turn 200 since I was not able to even find the security hub so she never got the energy to write a 'certain' algorithim)

I also hacked everything in the map I had plenty of time.




And I was hiding in here






I screwed up really bad by turn 28 - 31 but since I knew there was no hope for me I decided to hide and I was impressed to see that those guards didn't get tired after 170 turns! what do they feed these guys?!

They found me by turn 215 but only because I used both of my EMP's to lure a guard to find me. They would have never found me otherwise ( I was just testing how smart the guard AI was)




And so my final words were:




Could not have said it better myself


"Many a guard have caught a glimpse of Decker, None have caught him."

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