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Serge, from CC in DST. (Pivot/Position 'Error')

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Hi to all. I'm new here (And playing Don't Starve too) and want to try and create my own mod for Don't Starve Together too. Actually, It's already done, using the extended Sample Characte, but, for example, I made the legs a little more larger and same for forearms.

In game, he looks like:



But, he should look like this:



I know that change the esctemplate.scml file in Spriter hasn't got too much effect, even change it in Notepad++, hasn't, as I read in some threads.


Basically, I need to change the position of some images, change a few pivots and change the Z-order of foots, but, how can I do that? If I change, trough Notepad++, in Spriter everything looks perfect, but when it takes animation, looks like all gets to the original position. Fixing that is the final step for submit it to the Workshop and play with friends using him, can someone help?



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