Questions about Armor Piercing

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Hi all,

Been playing this game non-stop since I picked it up in the Steam sale. My question is as follows:

When you're faced with a weapon that says, "No Armor Piercing" (Archived Decker's revolver, for example) and have access to a Piercing Scanner (adds +1 Armor Piercing to ranged weapons) which one will supersede the other? Does Piercing Scanner technically add the +1, or will certain weapons never be allowed to penetrate armor?

Be gentle with me, I'm just trying to better understand the syntax they're writing with and how absolute it is. Thanks in advance for the help.

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That's all.

And multiple penetration arguments stack, so if you have Shallem with optical enhancement+2 piercing scanner, his hand cannon will be able to kill armor 3 enemy...(Story-related spoiler below)

I mean, OMNI soldier, which is really useful.

Also, with the help of the gun itself, he should be able to kill OMNI barrier guards with 1-2 lockpicking.

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