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hi, all there am a new memeber in forum i've played a lot dont starve the time it has been released first i dowloaded it to try it i like it and bought it from steam then reign of giants came out and then DST finally came to our hands but there is a problem about the options of these DST game the KLEi released and the problems that the devs should change are the followings:


1. other playes can set on fire your items by being a ghost


this should change since it's really annoying and frustrating to log in a new server every time hopeing that there will be party where u can play without worrying about players who rage cause they died and setting on fire once they became ghost and for that reason i think it should be removed, the reason is it suppossed to play this game together not to kill each other together


2. since in DST there is survival mode and players who died can only being resurect from other players by giving them a heart http://dont-starve-game.wikia.com/wiki/Telltale_Heart (that cost only 1 grass and 1 spider glance) which is fairly very easy to make cause it require small quantity of items but the spider gland is a bit rare at start plus there are the touch stones in the game where the player alone can revive himself that is also good but in my opinion and i want to hear other people thoughts about it cause i think there should by more touch stones by default in the DST or atleast dont have to spend life to make and give a heart

to another player cause there are times just like when new comers comes in server and just die all the time and you try to revive them because of the huge sanity loss


and one my sugestions about something extra in the game is to give the player the abillity to add quests

and another console tool to the admin make easily camp for newbies that die all the time from silly things like 1 or 3 spiders
the whole case with console is boring and time consuming there should be an extra tool only to the one that hosting the server


another suggestion of mine for things to be add in the game if u ask me i would like to see candles made be rocks or bees, the items are never enough i want to explore more and see new things and ideas about this game is amazing concept and has a whole lot more future to it if really thing about it how about a new expansion for example with the posibillity to travel with portal door either maxwell's or wormhole to the moon :D? or even maybe to travel to heaven or hell biome?


the abillity to harvest the fire in more intresting ways having an anvil and craft further your equipment like upgrading further your jacket by adding fur from foxes or sheeps, when where that time that i read something about boats and fighting sea monsters and having build up plot islands? or why fishing one kind of fish from the water? why not use some real alchemy and mix herbs to have a taste of buffs on the character or limited powers?


and what about lets say make more use of the lightning by upgrading or combing the lightning rod to a machine that can make better use of the energy into weapon or fuel a whole camp with diffrent machines need to be fuel from thunder summon creatures at your aid and and have the posibillity to summon by accident terible monster, am talking about for some necromancy here guys or why not meet some new chars with magic abillitys to summon pets or open portals to private realms?


bows and posion arrows new ores platinum salt


new crockpots recipes and ingredients i cant even find enough mods to add all those so i must start learning to make them myself...guess their is no other way


new spider queens for underground more ugly and vicious mobs with more complicate AI and attack defense mechanisms


what else>?...am thinking...storyline, more videos with story or chars


anyway there are a lot sugestion about the changes the needs to pass if i thing something new i will edit it

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