[Gameplay] - Camera drone stuck on Null drone: impossible to hack null drone

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Camera drone stuck on Null drone: impossible to hack null drone

Issue Description: title. null drone come in same tile as camera drone, so when im going in hackmde i cant target nulldrone to hack, instead i got notification that camera drone is locked by null drone.

Steps to Reproduce: wait till null drone come to same spot as camera drone :)

BUILD[branches/Launch.137043] LUA[137054] USER[64097178@steam]
OS: Windows (WOW64).6.1.1DB1
GAME [0.17.3].



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Hello to all,


I'd like to contribute to the topic.The bug is reproducible. I am sharing the gameplay video showing the bug (or the feature? I hope not): https://youtu.be/qq-WmBqrB38


The Camera drone (presumably 3 firewalls) finishes up in the same cell as the Obake v2 drone (clearly had 1 firewall). In result, the Camera hack button ("3") had been lying above the Obake hack button, and I was forced to hack the Camera before hacking the Obake.


I didn't try to hack the Camera though, I didn't have enough PWR for 4 firewalls anyway. Could at least one Camera hack swap the positions of the hack buttons? I don't really know.


Notice also the graphics glitch (seen in last 20 sec of the video), where the game continuously swaps the order of showing the layers of Camera and Obake drones.


Hope my contribution will help!

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