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Eaters of food

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Is there a way to unlearn some mobs to eat some food? f.e. pigs eat "veggie" and "meat". And I have a custom food of "veggie" type which I want pigs to unlearn to eat it. Is there any way to unlearn without changing food type? maybe don't eat something because it has Tag="NoEat"

Upd: Or can you tell me how to make custom type of food and let specific custom character eat that type of food? Next thing not working

table.insert(inst.components.eater.foodprefs, "foodfood") --where inst is character, posted it to character lua file....inst:AddComponent("edible") --this is the custom food (posted in it too)inst.components.edible.foodtype = "foodfood"--ingame, i got only "Inspectable" action on this food and no "Eat"
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