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I need help with a character mod

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So I started learning some lua and created my own character for DST. It crashes upon loading the world/starting with the char.


Ingame output:

../mods/bonnieds/images/avatars/avatar_bonnie.xml LUA ERROR stack traceback: scripts/widgets/image.lua(30,1) in function 'SetTexture' scripts/widgets/image.lua(11,1) in function '_ctor' scripts/class.lua(181,1) in function 'Image' scripts/widgets/playerbadge.lua(31,1) in function '_ctor' scripts/class.lua(181,1) in function 'PlayerBadge' scripts/widgets/worldresettimer.lua(36,1) in function '_ctor'
And the log file:
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You need to fix your atlas file.




It is trying to reference avatar_unknown.tex


The easiest way to update your images is to use the modtools. Open up a console window, then drag over png.exe from Dont Strave Mod Tool/mod_tools to the console window, then click the console and press the space bar so you have a space, then drag over the image that you are trying to convert to a tex file. Then click the console and press space again, and then drag over the folder that the image is located. Once you hit enter it will update you tex and xml file. If you then rename your files you have to update the new name in the xml file so its best to rename the image before you start.


If you don't have an image you are working with and are using the same xml and tex files from a template just open up the xml file and update the filename of avatar_unknown.tex to the one you are using, probably avatar_bonnie.tex


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