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Bug Submission:

Category: Graphics

Issue Title: Resolution Not Supported

Issue Description: I have played Don't Starve Together for a few months now. Last week the hdmi port on my video card went out randomly and I had to switch to using the VGA. The only issue I have had with this is now DST won't display on my monitor (TV). Dont Starve works fine with no issue but DST just turns my screen black with the message "Please change source resolution" The sound goes through my speakers but no video. I have tried to insert the settings.ini file into the folder and inserting the 1920x1080 that Dont Starve works fine with and even some other settings (1600x900 fullscreen and 1680x988 in windowed mode) Maybe im putting the file in the wrong place or I skipped a step (I am slightly computer illiterate at times) So if anyone has a suggestion or a fix please please please help me out. I love this game and want to get back to being terrible at it ASAP! Thank You!

Steps to Reproduce: Uhm....

-Play DST

-Have hdmi port go out

-Use VGA

-Start DST


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