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Function definitions?


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Hi all,


Just started playing a week ago and now I want to try making my own mods for fun. I was looking at some sample code on how to spawn monsters when a new game is started

function SpawnCreature(player)        --[NEW] Get the player's current position.    local x, y, z = player.Transform:GetWorldPosition()    --[NEW] Spawn a 'Beefalo' prefab at the world origin.  Prefabs are basically a fancy game development term for objects.  Every     --      creature, item and character in 'Don't Starve' is a prefab.    local creature = GLOBAL.SpawnPrefab("forest/animals/beefalo")    --[NEW] Move the creature to the player's position.    creature.Transform:SetPosition( x, y, z )   end--[NEW] Tell the engine to run the function "SpawnCreature" as soon as the player spawns in the world.AddSimPostInit(SpawnCreature)

Are these "functions" (GetWorldPosition(), SpawnPrefab(), AddSimPostInit()) defined anywhere? I cannot seem to find it as it is not as obvious where to look compared to


for example.


Appreciate any help! :-)

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Relative to "..\scripts\"
GetWorldPosition - ??? (Maybe input.lua)
SpawnPrefab - mainfunctions.lua
AddSimPostInit - modutil.lua
Also check out this site.



There they are! Site looks helpful I'll check it out. Thanks

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