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Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Bug

Issue Description: My friend we were playing and once we joined another friends server when he got on his health is at 0 and his hunger is saying #INKD other than numbers and it happens when ever he joins a friends server but not when he joins a random server if anyone knows whats wrong please help.We reccently bought the game about 4 days ago and already have 51 hours of game time and do not want to stop playing.Thanks!

Steps to Reproduce: He was simply joining my friends server but before we have done it multiple times but this time and so on it started giving him this issue and already tried re downloading it and that wasn't the issue. It was happening to me when I also joined my friends server but it was better after he made another server and we tried countless times for my friend. It could be something dealing with the update because the mods we currently have are up to date.

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