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There are too many hound teeth.

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The best way to fight most mobs in this game including all the giants except dragonfly is to build a giant pile of toothtraps. And I feel like it's too easy to achieve that giant pile right now because you get much more teeth from the hounds than you spend on the traps to kill those hounds. All you need to do is build an initial small pile, and then just stand in it's center, and all the hounds will run over it and die. then you gather all the teeth and increase the size of the pile, and it just grows from there. Me and my friends have so much teethtraps before even the start of first winter that we can kill deerclops on them. I checked the scripts and it seems that the standard hounds actually have a small chance of tooth drop. The problem is with the "special" seasonal hounds. Fire hounds have 8x the chance of dropping a tooth compared to standard hounds. And snow hounds have 16x chance. And the chance of these special hounds spawning actually increases over time, so at day 75 and beyond half of all the hounds spawn as special ones. After this you have so much teeth that you don't know what to do with them.


So my suggestion is to somehow nerf this toothtrap strategy so that it takes more teeth to kill a hound than is dropped from hounds on average. It can be done several ways and I don't know what is the best. Maybe equalize tooth drop chance from standard and special hounds. Maybe just increase tooth cost of toothtrap, or alternatively decrease its amount of uses.

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