[Server Crash] - Splumonkey vs eyeplant = crash


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Bug Submission:

Category: Server Crash

Issue Title: Splumonkey vs eyeplant = crash

Issue Description: Today I had a crash on my dedicated server and looked at the logs. When one of the 2 started attacking, the server crashed because of a mistake in coding on line 622 of scripts/components/combat.lua

or (weapon.components.weapon.variedmodefn ~= nil and self.hitrange + weaponrange.components.weapon.variedmodefn(weapon).hitrange)

should be:

or (weapon.components.weapon.variedmodefn ~= nil and self.hitrange + weapon.components.weapon.variedmodefn(weapon).hitrange)

Steps to Reproduce: lure a splumonkey into an eye plant field. A beefalo might have been the cause of the same issue earlier too.

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