[Client Crash] - [Client Crash] Random crash. don't know why


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Bug Submission:

Category: Client Crash

Issue Title: [Client Crash] Random crash. don't know why

Issue Description: * my english maybe strange *

me and my friend playing DST. I host the server and my friend keep crashing while playing randomly. we don't know why, but i think it caused maybe my internet or something (i'm not crashing. never) so i copied our server save file and give it to my friend.

now i am client side. right after that i'm the one who keeps crashing randomly. we though maybe the mods, so we disable some (showed up in log file). but i crashed again.

it keeps saying "entityscript.lua 868 assertion failed"

now it's very annoying, so i post here to find some solution, at least a reason, maybe.

Steps to Reproduce: any time. like walking, fighting... even i crashed right after join in server once.

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