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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Console command bug

Issue Description: I have a dedicated server on Citadel, this issue is only on my server there as it doesnt happen if i host localy from my own computer:

What happens is i write in the command c_give and give me for example 20 berries. First time it works as it should and they appears in my inventory. The second time i write exactly the same command (no matter if i swap item kind/ammount) it appears under my mouse instead of my inventory and i can not pick it up or interact of any kind with it. If i relog the item have dissapeared and no one else see that "fake" item on the ground either. After relog i can once again use a console command ONCE then it bugs again and i have to relog.

This is from the log

Here i tried to use the command, twice. it only shows me giving it once thou

[02:32:27]: [Load] SPAWNING PLAYER AT: (127.05, 0.00, 5.00)

[02:32:27]: [Announcement] Fromme has joined the game.

[02:32:37]: [Fromme:KU_EF1HJCdz] ReceiveRemoteExecute(c_give("berries", 20)) @(128.73, 5.53)

[02:32:37]: giving 133551 - berries

[02:32:37]: giving 133553 - berries

[02:32:37]: giving 133555 - berries

[02:32:37]: giving 133557 - berries

[02:32:37]: giving 133559 - berries

[02:32:37]: giving 133561 - berries

[02:32:37]: giving 133563 - berries

[02:32:37]: giving 133565 - berries

[02:32:37]: giving 133567 - berries

[02:32:37]: giving 133569 - berries

[02:32:37]: giving 133571 - berries

[02:32:37]: giving 133573 - berries

[02:32:37]: giving 133575 - berries

[02:32:37]: giving 133577 - berries

[02:32:37]: giving 133579 - berries

[02:32:37]: giving 133581 - berries

[02:32:37]: giving 133583 - berries

[02:32:37]: giving 133585 - berries

[02:32:37]: giving 133587 - berries

[02:32:37]: giving 133589 - berries

[02:32:55]: [Announcement] Fromme has left the game.

Have also tried swapping to c_spawn after i used c_give once but same error happens there. I can start with c_spawn it works once then bugs also.

After the first time an error string appears in console when using exactly the same command as the first working one

[string "scripts/consolecommand.lua"]:312 attempt to index field 'inventory' (a nil valute)

Have hosted several games on my own computer had never a issue there. Only on citadel server and they told me to post it here

I had no mods on the server this happen from the very start

Steps to Reproduce: Use same command twice in console second doesnt work

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Those commands need to be executed remotely. This requires you to push the designated button (default: Control) to toggle the remotedness of the command. if you are not an admin of that server, you can't remotely execute commands.

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