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DST partner (2-3 Sir's or Ladies)

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Will keep this short. 

Would like to play some DST but with reasonable people that are not trolly wollies =). Want to have some enjoyable moments in DST? 

Some simple requirements:
able to talk on TS/Skype or any other chat  client

Know a little bit of Don't Starve. 
EU time zone.



Ability to be Sirly or Lady like.


Steam name: Difeal


In case this does not suit you, best of luck with other partners. Keep it fun. ;)

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Hello there! ;)


I would like to join you, if I may.

My steam name is "dampfwalze2000" - current  profile name is "Affenbauch".


I just sent you a friend invite request via steam to ease communication.


Best regards, hope to play with you soon!


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