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Bug Submission: <br /><br />Category: General<br />Issue Title: Update Error<br />Issue Description: Yesterday I bought don't starve mega pack, second copy of Don't Starve Together I send to my gf, when she install it and launched game top-down placed stripe with update version write an update error, when she trying to start a game it can't go online, internet connection is fine, on my computer her account works normally, and we can play all games together except this one :c<br />Please, help, we're trying to reinstall game and steam, we want to play together :c<br />Please, answer me to my email:<br />very.sad.man@rambler.ru<br />or steam:<br />Given up (red star on avatar)<br />P.s. Sorry for language mistakes<br />P.p.s. can't do screenshots right now, will do if it's necessary :)<br />Steps to Reproduce: Don't know, sorry :c<br />Multiplayer mode doesn't works only on her laptop...<br />
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