[General] - Can't download mods from steam workshop


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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Can't download mods from steam workshop

Issue Description: i Cant download mods from steam workshop, even though I subscribed it on workshop.

when i looked to the download manager, it shows that the mods i was tryin to download is 0 byte sized.

i have tried to re-install the steam it self, check the file integrity, re-install the game, move the location, and still nothing change..

also same problem with the error message when i try to join a server that need mods to be installed.

error message screenshot attached..

i also found something strange..

when my brother used his ID to download mods, he can download it like nothing's wrong. but when i log-in using my account on the same PC as my brother used, mods still cant be downloaded. is there anything wrong with my account or something? i don't have any idea to fix this..

what should i do?

i really looking forward for the solution guys..


Steps to Reproduce: subscribe mods from steam workshop, play the game, mods won't download..

joining server with mods, error message shows up..

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Problem fix!!.. (by it self)..


hey guys.. sorry for my newbieness..


i used to post this problem yesterday, when i nearly frustated with this mods problem..

but i post my problem on the wrong forum..

so this morning i just realize that, and moved my problem here, in the right place..


but then, i try to download mods again, it just suddenly worked.. i dont know why..


maybe.. (just maybe)... it's bcause i restart my pc that makes it work..


sorry for me to post thhis kind of problems..



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