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Changing rain setting after world has been generated?

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So my friend and I are playing together. I'm Wendy, and he's the Robot. I happened to have set rain to "more" prior to starting out, and we just realized how awful and difficult this makes things. We're not that good either, and hounds seem to love the rain because we died twice already (we're playing endless mode).

I was hoping someone could help me out. Is there a simple way at all to change the frequency of rain? Because it's absolutely awful to freeze when wet. I didn't expect that to happen, and it's really annoying. 

Thanks already!


Sorry about the weird text by the way, it's a direct copy/paste from my Steam thread. :wilson_blush:

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Isn't it easier to just start a new server? If the rain's that irritating, surely you haven't gotten that far. So it's probably easier to just start over. You COULD go into the console and type in a stop precip command, but since you have rain set to "more" I'm not sure what effect that would have.

Secondly, are you using ROG? Are you in Spring right now? Because if so, it always rains a lot during Spring, and shouldn't be that bad the rest of the year.

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