Some questions about Anarchy bonuses

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I have one of my agents up to Anarchy 5 (henceforth referred to as the A5 agent). And I have some questions

1) Do Anarchy bonuses from the A5 agent still apply for other agents that perform pickpocketing?

2) Do Anarchy 5 bonuses apply to guards that have been KOed?

3) Is it better to loot KOed guards with the A5 agent?

4) If not, is it safe to peek at what KOed guards drop? Will it prevent the A5 agent from getting better loot from the KOed guard?

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1) No, other agents will not benefit from the A5 agent's pickpocketing.


2) Yes, even after you stole from a fallen guard with other agents, you can still look for additional loot.


3) Yes, regardless of KO, A5 agents have more chance in finding loot.


4) No, stealing with other agents will not change the additional loot to be found.

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