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Hello, I'm an avid fan of the game and have an idea for a character in game. It is an OC that I've made known as Ellen, Her primary place of inspiration is an anime known as Elfen Lied. The premise of this anime is that there are a "race" of mutants known as Diclonius.

Diclonius have pink hair and "horns" as shown here.


My character, Ellen, is a 18 yo Diclonius. She's a tortured scientist. She typically wears black pants, a Grey turtleneck, and labcoat. She has pink hair, like all diclonii, and pale yellow eyes, about the color of a Golden Delicious. I plan to give her vectors however i want them to be invisible, and stock animations. (obviously)

If you plan to assist me in this endevour you can respond here. Thank you very much.

P.S. Here's a picture of Ellen for reference.


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