Mark of serenity on nightmare's costume


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Hi everyone


I finished the whole of Mark of the ninja, and enjoyed the game thoroughly.


After I finished the game, It tried fiddling around with the different costumes, and thought "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if the nightmare costume could use Mark of serenity, since it has this empty equipment slot just gaping to be used for something ? (and screw you, game balance!)".


Turns out you can easily do this ! By fiddling around with the game files and adding the mark of serenity loadout to the nightmare costume.

Now, I have the Nightmare costume set with the mark of serenity as a distraction item, and it works in the game.


However, the mark of serenity works differently when used with the nightmare costume : when used, it will not teleport the player but instead force-jump the ninja to the targeted location (you dont get the teleport animation, and dn't instantly treansfer to the new location)

(with either the jump or glide animation used, depending on if you are jumping or not when casting the mark).

You go to the targeted spot even if you are already jumping or falling, but since you are not teleporting you can be spotted during the displacement, you can be killed by lasers, etc...


I believe this is due to the fact that the nightmare costume doesn't have an animation for teleporting like the path of the mark costume does, and the game then defaults to forcing the player to the targeted location.


My question is to the devs, or anybody proficient enough with the game to know the answer : Is there a way to make it so the mark of serenity used by the nightmare costume behaves like with the original costume? Maybe by specifying a correct animation for the nightmare costume, though I don't know how to do this ?



By the way, there seems to be some nice abilities that were thought for the different costumes (from looking at the game files), but they weren't all implemented at the end it seems. Too bad.



Anyway, thank you klei for this great game !



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