[Gameplay] - Rundown House Spawning Over


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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Rundown House Spawning Over

Issue Description: If that

My servers Rundown House

The phenomenon of excessive spawning

(Although I have to install this Natural Respawn MOD)

But he is still too soon reborn

In addition, I also found a Rundown House

It will spawn 6 Merm ...

I also return to this issue Natural Respawn MOD author

After all, is not this the case of the earlier test

Today the situation until after the update over spawning

Steps to Reproduce: 1. Check the server this morning, and updates

2. Afternoon reaction Merm number of players a bit more of a problem, but I'm still working

3. The evening examination revealed excessive Rundown Houses AND Merm has seriously affected the number of server performance

4. Clear all Rundown Houses AND Merm, and test out a Rundown Houses will have five Merm

5. Report a problem

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