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I'm trying to use the Chop Faster mod (as an example). I set it as a server mod, and I set it as a client mod, but in neither case does it work.


I tried the same thing with the OneShot Mine and Chop mod, same result. The server downloads it. I enable it in the client. But the expected results do not appear in game.


Am I missing something, or are some mods just not compatible with DST Dedicated server?

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If it is a DS mod there's a good chance it's not compatible.


I have several client only mods, map hud, season clock, etc., and all of those work but they are client only mods. I've tried three tree chop enhancement mods, and none of them work. They are on the DST steam workshop page, but I've learned that their appearance there doesn't actually  mean they work with DST.


Anyone know of a tree chop type mod that actually works with DST?

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