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Custom Item Off Center

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Following http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/29427-tutorial-creating-a-handslot-equippable-item-from-scratch/ I managed to get the item to work in-game but it is WAY off the character's hand. WAY WAY off as per the screenshot in the spoiler tag. No matter what I do with Spriter, I cannot get it to go in my character's hand. I have also attached the mod file. If anyone with experience could show me the way, I would be highly appreciative :)




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The tutorial omitted to mention having to overwrite pivot point


Spoiler For swappable builds we do not much care for the size, rotation or position of the image, instead you need to move the pivot, that is the red circle in the top left of the bounding box of the image we just dropped into the workspace. When you come close to it it will grow and you can drag and drop it. Wherever you put that pivot will be where the players fist grabbing the item will be. So you will want to move it to the handle of your item, for my example I have to move it a bit lower because the image is very small so that the fist could almost completely cover it.
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Yes, that is correct but you also have to right-click the pivot point and select to overwrite it, otherwise it will use the default one which is in the top-left corner.

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