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Mod help: Character sprite doesn't show

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Another post by me XD


Anyway. I've been making a character from a Example sample character which basically gives you a character already made and scripts to go with it so it's basically this character already made for you for you to play around with. I did with the sprite and edited it to my liking but whenever i try to play as my character in the game the sprite doesn't show up and instead there is just a shadow on the ground.


It wouldn't do this before i edited the sprite and was fine before then but i can't seem to fix the missing sprite.


I would like to point out also encase this is part of the problem but the Example sample character file also has a exported file where inside that is files with the names of the body parts such as tail and lower arm which is what i edited. So i don't know if i have to do something with that exported file since it also has a Anim file with the old sprite in but i don't know how to change the exported into something suitable for the anim file.


Does anyone know the problem and how to sort it?

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